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‘It taught me everything about the world’ | How growing up with The Simpsons shaped a rural kid’s worldview


How Ernest Hemingway impacted Toronto (and vice versa)

Whetstone Magazine

The Not-so Sweet History of Sugar Beet Farming

Hollywood Progressive

Tom Cruise’s Big Year

Humphrey and Huston: A Cinematic Friendship


Alfred Hitchcock Made The First James Bond Movie 3 Years Before Dr. No

Why Marilyn Monroe’s Last Movie Was So Controversial

Why James Dean Is So Iconic, Despite Starring In Only Three Movies

Why Francis Ford Coppola Made B-Movies and Adult Films Before The Godfather

Why Robert Redford and Paul Newman Never Made A Third Movie Together

Why No One Talks About Scorsese’s After Hours Movie

The Toronto Star

Toronto’s venerable movie theatres survived COVID — what comes next?

How pinball prohibition played out in Toronto

Toronto set to return to big-screen spotlight in 2022

The Chicago Tribune

Why John Hughes is Part of our Family’s Holiday Tradition

Aldergrove Star/Langley Advance Times

Filmmaker makes memory of Aldergrove’s own Woodstock a little less hazy

A look back at the Alder Inn

Meet Sakura, Greater Vancouver Zoo’s newest red panda

Fort Langley camping; a lesson in history and a stay in luxury

Aldergrove actor Drew Ray Tanner gets promoted to series regular on Riverdale

Trooper’s co-founder Brian Smith earns Lifetime Achievement Award

Musicians remember Gabby’s Country Cabaret in Langley

‘They used to tell us that if we weren’t down here, they wouldn’t be up there’

A spooky stroll through Fort Langley

Langley woman without a home after houseboat sinks during snowy weather

IHIT looking for witnesses of fatal shooting near Langley Sportsplex

Jazz is in the air… and everywhere else around town in Fort Langley

Ryan’s Regards

Ryan’s Regards: Saying goodbye to the soft hello

Ryan’s Regards: Potato toy’s gender nearly starts World War Three

Ryan’s Regards: Where have all the colours gone?

Ryan’s Regards: To stream or not to stream

Ryan’s Regards: It’s a Wonderful Pandemic

Ryan’s Regards: ‘The most wonderful time of the year’ arrives just in time

Ryan’s Regards: What if he made it to Langley?

Ryan’s Regards: Will the air travel industry once again take flight?

Ryan’s Regards: Happy Mother’s Day

Quirk Magazine

Field Day in New York

Christmas Across Europe

The “Kay” in KFC

Taste of Cinema

The 25 Best Coming-of-Age Movies of The 1980s

Camera Under the Sun

Harold Ramis, Canada Thanks You

TV is the New Movie

True Detective: An Appreciation

Halloween thoughts on Hitchcock

The Third Man: Vienna’s Favorite Movie

Thoughts on Lots

Go Ahead and Laugh

They Don’t Let Ugly People on TV Anymore

Second Chance for Max Headroom

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