This is Not My Story

Children’s Picture Book – 2023, KidsCan Press

To Be Released June 6, 2023!

An author and his hero embark on a genre-bending journey to find the right story.

The brave captain of a tiny spaceship is surrounded by flying saucers. Though the situation appears dire, he knows just what to do … um, wait! The brave captain – ahem, boy – tells the author to stop the action: He’s got it all wrong. This is not the boy’s story. He belongs in a different story. The author considers this. Then he begins again, with a story about Cattle King Carl, the quickest cattle wrangler in the West … No! Still not the boy’s story? Hmm. Is he a dragon-slaying knight? No! A vampire’s next victim? No! A boy going on a date? No! Will the author ever come up with the right story?

Uytdewilligen employs a funny and unique take on metafiction and the literary technique of breaking the fourth wall to provide an easy-to-understand exploration of literary genres. The book also offers a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process that highlights the value of perseverance and teamwork. The appealing graphic novel–style art by award-winning illustrator David Huyck features loads of visual interest and humorous details for readers to pore over. With each new story depicting a different genre, this book is an excellent resource for language arts lessons on literary genres. An author’s note defines the genres and the differences between fiction, nonfiction and poetry.

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